Rendezvous Caravan Club

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Club History

The Rendezvous Caravan Club was formed and certificated in April 2006 holding its first rally in June
at Greenfields Balsall Common. Warwickshire.

The club was started after a few of our members had become a little disillusioned with previous clubs they were already members of
(usually larger clubs) as they were found to be let’s say a little on the cliquey side with a fair amount of keeping up with the Jones’s attitude and not really having social gatherings on a regular basis.

The club was not formed by a breakaway group i.e. en masse from another club as most of the members had only met via previous meetings on other rallies with other clubs.

The club had 5 units on site for the inaugural rally with 6 units in total registered with the club.
The Committee was reformed and a full program for the remainder of the season was listed.

2007 saw our first complete season with a few new faces added to the club by the end of the season.

The club has remained small and friendly not trying compete in a crowded environment just to obtain large numbers as the club uses very limited forms of advertising and has relied on word of mouth by our members, obviously this also has it's limitations.

We are grateful to our members old and new for their loyal support through the seasons and feel obliged to return their support in any way we can if possible.

Many members have supplied equipment,time and effort F.O.C. over the years which has helped keep the club low cost based.

The club to this day has stuck to its principles and values by putting all members first and doing what is deemed best for our club rather than looking after a chosen few .

The club always having a social gathering on evenings regardless of numbers on site.

The club has members of many years rallying experience and also some who have just started to rally for the first time, as rallying is totally different to normal camping or caravanning as it’s more of a social and interactive beast all together.

So if you don’t like socializing and thinking of your fellow members,then it’s not for you!  If you do,then give us a try!